About Us

Wherever surface treatment is taking place...

John Doe

Our Company

Having huge experience in Powder Paint, Wet Paint, Cataphoresis and electrolysis covering sector, our company has a good service for dye houses with infrared oven systems, paint removal ovens, masking products and different dye house stuff. Our main power is in high capacity production technology, professional sale group, variety of products and focused on solutions.

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Our Mission

To be friendly partner which contributes to your brand value by solving the needs of  dye houses for metal, wood and plastic coverings everywhere in an accurate, fast and economical way.

Our Vision

To improve our production technologies, variety of products and capacity of production for reaching maximum levels and to offer best service, quality products and best prices for our customers.

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Why Yüzeytek;

More variety of products
Quality products, Fast service. delivery on time
High production capacity
Reasonable prices
Team work
Work experience
Satisfied customer feedback


Contact information

  • info@yuzeytek.com
  • (216) 4820500
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    Tuzla - Istanbul / Turkey